Individual Minks

Why choose LynNyx Mink Lashes?

Individual Mink Lashes

Individual Mink lashes are much better for your eye enhancement vs glued on lash strips.

They are lash on lash, no skin irritation, and last much longer (up to 4 weeks)!

We use superior lashes compared with regular lashes, they have a very fluffy, soft texture, and are used to create a natural or dramatic eyelash look. We customize to your choice!

It is recommended to get your first full set in your style of choice and every few weeks, simply get refills to maintain fullness.

LynNyx Beauty uses professional medical grade solutions for your lash extensions.  Nothing “cheap” touches your eyes! Have allergies? No worries!  Had bad experiences with previous techs’ work? We aim to overcome!  Book your look and experience your lash affair!